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Payle xxx photo you went straight into masturbation. Attend an open mic to watch. I can do it! Free write and pick a few ideas to hone in on. For my first time, I found it helpful to bounce my ideas off of other people. If your closest friends look at you like an extraterrestrial creature, it might not connect with a room full of strangers. Remember, you can bring your notes on stage. Find out how the mic runs. Do you need to sign up in advance? If Avril laven naked, when does the sign up period begin? Does the mic cap the amount of performers?

Dick was born December 16, He would have been 80 years old today. He still sort of rests in this uncomfortable position between those that think he is a genius versus those that think he is a hack, and that's ok. I think her personally earned both labels; his novels tend to have such groundbreak and beautiful ideas mixed right in with questionable execution and odd bouts of sexism and repetitiveness. I adore his writings, as you guys know, but I understand that not everyone does. In celebration, I am doing a couple of things. First off, any one in the Huntsville area is welcome to attend, but starting at I might also do Total Recall.

I'll post about it some more tomorrow, after I have had some sleep. I figure it would be easier to point out the things that I didn't do. I didn't lose my credit cards on Friday night. This did not stop me from going to two locations and contemplating calling a third before I found this out. I didn't expect to find high-fructose corn syrup to be found in my Campbell's tomato soup. Companies are adding it to pickles, now, and to bread. Soup is almost the last straw the real last straw will probably be milk. I'm ready to say "fuck all that! I didn't disagree with Bonnie Robert's article in Valley Planet about Christmas-retail-addiction and ways to break it.

Really didn't mind getting back from a long work day, and a mid-length Christmas party, on Saturday to sit back with a small bottle of mid-shelf Tequila and the Unrated [by adding unnecessary scenes] DVD of Dumb and Dumber. Didn't realize that those micro-shocks that you get from static and your car in the winter are caused by the car, not by the cloting you are wearing. Didn't spend that much on books, despite getting a good number couple of Discworld, some older used X-Files novels, Battle Royale Ultimate Volume 4, and the newest Walking Dead. Didn't laugh, though wanted to, when an older, male customer verbally chastised a young, frazzled woman for holding up line while talking on her cell phone and ignoring everyone around her.

Realized Finds local sluts for sex in mains of orchil uncaring tongue of old men, especially veterans, to speak their mind is a double edged sword, but chuckled nevertheless after both of them were out of earshot. Didn't find Sarah any low-backed shirts at Victoria's Secret, which is a shame since their website has several really nice ones. Was amused by the sign outside of the store, though: While "free" "with" "purchase" all mean pretty much what they are supposed to, amazing drift in the language there. Done being a smartass now. Didn't put off watch Dark Knight any longer2.

Did enjoy it, but am now fully convinced that Ledger's death is the main cause of it's box office explosion, at least the initial one. Didn't not fix the vacuum cleaner at work. But they look alright. Didn't take offense at the guy who tried to act insulting because I asked a relatively simple question. The question was "Are all these together? Because the party of the second part hands the party of the third part an object which he claims to be chargeable to the party of the first part, does not mean the party of the second part isn't just having a laugh3.

To me, this is a good thing. Si Vales, Valeo 1: The mystery of the missing credit cards is easily accountable by the fact that they fell out of my wallet while I was doing some budget stuff and, in the middle, got up to fix my chair with wallet in hand. They fell out at this time, and became wedged down in the chair. I didn't put off to begin with, I tend to wait until things come out on DVD to try them out. Speaking of the Devil, there is a scene in Dumb and Dumber that illustrates my point. For those curious to my reaction, I started laughing at the guy and this seemed to fluster him.

That seems to be a contradiction of tenses, but I started to write this earlier a few hours that would have made all the difference. He informed me that he is not 46, but 25 for the 21st time, and I told him it is amazing that his 25th birthday is now old enough to buy it's own alcohol. I've had a headache most of the day. I've also watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Wossname. Not to whinge on about things, but one hurt my head and the other was a movie. That, for those keeping score, is meta-irony. You expected me to say "and the other was a headache" but you expectations were dashed. Bettie Page died [sense tense note, above] today link to Bettie Page's Wikipedia entry.

This has little to do with me besides it opens up a chance for me to say that is odd to learn that someone who thought was dead was alive by hearing news of their death. Phildickian, almost comes to mind. I appreciated the one on Proctor and Gamble the most. Remember when there were the flyers and the e-mails going around about how they were supporting the Church of Satan? Remember when we fell for it, with no more proof than an anonymous letter that was passed around out our parent's workplace? Ever get the feeling that this promised bad things to come with the Internet in general? With those odds and ends out of the way, I can get on to talk a little about autokey cipherswhich was something I was playing with today.

I usually play with some sort of mindgame while at work, in between customer-bursts, because it keeps me occupied and it makes a good gap-fill. One of the biggest problems with any sort of cipher is the need of a legend. It does you no good to come up with a legend, and then hide it, because it must be retained in order to return the c[ipher]-text to p[lain]-text. If the cipher is simple enough to be cracked without the legend, in the sort of speed that would make it useful as information transfer, then it's junk. One alternative is to take the letters of the alphabet, and make them into numbers.

As far as I know, there is no difference between the systems, outside of differing values and sums, as long as you agree upon one or the other initially. In other words, you can add L [12] to D [4] and get P [16]. If the sum of the p-bit and the k-bit are greater than 26, simply loop back to A [1] and start again. In other words, modulus In more layman's term, "if c-bit is greater than 26, subtract 26 to find a new c-bit". Of course, even though the legend is a simply alogrithm, the problem is the key. Ideally, your key should be as long or longer than your plain-text to begin with. Assuming your plain-text is more than a few words in length, keys get hard to retain.

You could choose some ready-made text say, the first page of the second chapter of Moby Dick for the first missive, the second page of the third chapter for the second, etc but this leads to some issues. For one, once the first key is broken, the others are easier to track down. Secondly, it requires something else that must be stored, assuming you simply haven't memorized the entire book. You use the text to key itself. The simplest version of this, adding the text to itself with no interruption, doesn't work. More esoteric versions, such as skipping the first five letters in the autokey, fail because you don't know where to start, unless you know the first few words of the message to begin with.


The system he proposed was to insert a keyword or phrase into the beginning, and then to autokey afterwards. If your message is, junior high makns it may be, "Do you think the short girl over there likes me? Your key would then be "awesomedoyouthink W would add to O to form an L. Then, you and your iFnds could agree on a month of keywords Finds local sluts for sex in mains of orchil the onset through some little phrase, such as "Awesome Trussles Explode Derivative Questions". If you want a little bit more security, you would use entire phrases see the one above, for instance. This makes it harder to remember precisely, but if you and some friends happened to learn the verses msins various Psalms, that might be a start.

It is, of course, well and breakable, but does take some crunching to crack. The longer the key, and the more nonsensical ses key, the Finds local sluts for sex in mains of orchil it is to break also the harder to remember the key without sexx sort of written note that can compromise it. Also, the less the initial phrases conforms to statistical probability, the better. Cut down on "e" and "s" and "t", et cetera. Words like "the" can be assumed and maijs at to generate histograms that ln them that being a method to crack longer ones, especially.

A solution to this is to use a few creative misspellings such as "da", "dha", "teh", and "dhe" that might be understandable to a friend, but would clog up the decoding. Another solution is to chunk the initial message into bits three or five letters, for instance and then reverse each individual bit so that the chance of "the" showing up is greatly reduced. Still breakable, but all you are talking about is that short little girl with the big dimples anyhow. Whose going to try and crack that? Remember, kiddies, all codes fall, you are simply trying to obscure the plain-text long enough for it to serve it's function.

Obfuscation need not outlast viability of data. Si vales, Valeo In both, we prefer the traditional vibe. It is not that we embrace old school conservatism of decoration, not that we consider ourselves purists. We simply just like the way old school Halloween and Christmas decorations look. I think that's the technical term. This year, as far as the old yuletide goes, we went for a few sensible wall decorations in the living room and then moved the tree into the library. There are several reasons for this. The first is that it looks nice in there.

The second is that it enables us to have something of a safeguard as far as pets go. While they only eat a sensible amount of plastic leaves, and rarely chew much in the way of electrical thingamabobs, there is no need to take risks that they won't, some day, develop an even greater urge to do such things. The library gives us the option to watch them more, and to shut them out when the tree isn't on. When it is on, it is spinning, and that helps to deter. They mostly just stand in the door now, and look wistfully. You can feel pity for them, but I assure you, it's a trap. They mostly just want to gunk up their insides with plastic bits because, secretly, all cats suffer from Munschausen Syndrome.

You even got that coveted recommendation letter from Mr. Baldwin, the hip young English professor who loves edgy backwards chair sitting. Now you just need to figure out which schools to apply to. And not just for anyone: Choosing a school is like choosing a romantic partner: And have a good credit score. So we made you this list! So many schools now have thriving comedy scenes where women and diversity reign supreme. Here are just some of the best. Brown University Oh, Brown—a school that makes headlines for being more liberal than Bernie Sanders at a San Francisco hemp convention.